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Chris Paul Partners with Game Vision App To Help Users Improve Vision and Reaction Time

Chris Paul1Chris Paul has recently partnered with an Israeli technology company to help develop an app that assists users with improving their vision. The focus of the app, called Game Vision, teaches users how to better see things and sharpen their eyesight for watching sports so that they don’t miss out of any of the main action. Even though it won’t give anyone x-ray vision or the vision of an elite NBA player, it is sure to help out with just regular fan watching. Even though it might look like something designed for a child at first, Game Vision is a simple, yet effective way to increase visual processing speeds and will help people improve their reaction times. The app also tracks and reports the data it collects from each use and adapts to work with the user’s strength and weaknesses.

The Winston-Salem, North Carolina native was first recognized for his athletic abilities during his high school years when he played on the junior varsity team and was an immediate sensation. He then attended Wake Forest University where just in his freshman year he scored an average of 14.8 points per game, which helped qualify his team for that year’s Sweet Sixteen group in the NCAA Tournament. After just two years of college ball, Paul entered the 2005 NBA Draft and was selected by the New Orleans Hornets with whom he played with until 2011 before being traded to the Clippers. The nine-time NBA All-Star Player has also participated as a member of Team USA in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games, bringing home the gold medals both years in basketball.

Paul has recently agreed to be the image of Game Vision, an app designed by an Israeli technology company that helps users improve their vision and reaction times while watching sports. Having Paul as a part of it has definitely shown that it’s created a lot more interest from sports fans.

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