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Dwight Howard

Does it Matter Where Dwight Howard Lands? Still Impactful?

Dwight HowardThe 2013 Free Agency race has been exciting so far, but much of the discussion still revolves around where Dwight Howard will end up.

The big glaring question that many of you may ask is Dwight enough to make a team an Championship Contender?

While he is still one of the best Centers in the league, his recent injuries have a lot of analyst wondering if he is the Dwight Howard of old like we saw with the Orlando Magic. His defensive intensity have seemingly disappeared and his offense has been less than impressive.

Not to mention, his free throw struggles continue to make us wonder if he can ever be in the game come down the final stretch.

Since his departure from Orlando, his image along with his stock has a hit especially after his performance with the Lakers. During their late playoff push, he looked to show glimpses of the Howard of old, but can we expect that at the next team?

No one knows with Howard and for someone looking to crown him the Franchise player, I would look elsewhere as his upside does not outweigh his downside.

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