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Former NBA Player Chris Herren to Speak to Students at Comprehensive High School and Chicopee High School

Chris Herren speakingFormer NBA Player Chris Herren spent a day in New England on March 7th to talk to parents and students about the opioid problem in their local area. First he spent the daylight hours at the Comprehensive High School and Chicopee High School to interact with the students, and then he gave a talk to the general public that evening at 6 p.m. at the Edward J. Bellamy Middle School. The 6 foot 2 basketball player shared his own story and experiences with drugs that ended up taking him through a very difficult path in life, especially as someone who was trying to pursue a professional career in sports. Herran got to inspire middle school and high school aged students and their parents to stay away from any kind of substance, especially opioids, which are currently becoming an epidemic in the New England area.

The Fall River, Massachusetts native was a star basketball player during his high school years and decided to attend Boston College in 1994, by when he was already featured on several magazines for his talent. His problems began when he endured and injury and was later tested positive for marijuana and cocaine and was expelled from the university and the basketball team. He changed schools and went to Fresno State where some of his drug problems followed him, but was still selected by the Denver Nuggets in the 1999 NBA Draft. After doing four years in the NBA he went to play for international teams until 2006. A near fatal car accident in 2011 is what caused him to wake up and change his lifestyle.

Herren took the time to share his story and life experiences with some young people and their parents in New England earlier this month in an effort o prevent more kids from using drugs, especially opioids were are currently sweeping the region.

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