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GoodBye Small Ball, Welcome Back Dominate Centers

Small-BallFor the past 10 years, Small Ball has dominated the NBA, but recently we are seeing teams taking risk on Centers who can potentially develop and dominate. This trend came be drawn back to the most recent NBA finals, where the Miami Heat struggled to defend Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter(surprisingly).

The Pacers also had their way with the Miami Heat as Roy Hibbert dominated the middle and gave their defense fits. At the end of the day, the Miami Heat’s small ball proved to be effective, but the big question is will it last and survive in the NBA?


Up and coming players like Andre Drummond may have a thing or two to say about what the future holds for the NBA as he has proven to dominate the middle when hes on the floor. Not far behind Drummond is the Pacers Center who I mentioned earlier, Roy Hibbert. His ability to defend and control the middle with his ability to score effortlessly may force teams to sign big-men and move away from small ball when facing them.

Many may look at the Demand for Dwight Howard a sign that small ball won’t be around for much longer as teams truly value a Center who can dominate and run the floor. Alongside Dwight is developing center Marc Gasol who showed signs of controlling the tempo of a game during the 2012-2013 NBA Season.

Will the signing of injury prone Greg Oden be the next sign that teams want to slow the game down and play more half court basketball? Time will tell if Oden can come back healthy and prove to dominate the middle like he did in Ohio State.

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