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Kia Crowns King James as Brand Ambassador for New Luxury Sedan

Lebron James KiaWhen Lebron James came to the NBA in 2003 he was quickly dubbed “King James”. Since then he has won two NBA Championships and four MVP awards and become the best basketball player of his era, and maybe of all-time.

In addition to being the best player in the NBA, James is also one of the most marketable athletes in history. With his style, grace, personality and good looks Lebron has put together one of the most impressive and lucrative endorsement portfolios ever. Recently he added to his long list of deals by signing an agreement to endorse Kia’s new luxury sedan, the K900.

For James, the agreement between himself and Kia is beneficial for all those involved, for him, Kia, and the NBA.

“They’re also the title sponsor for the NBA and they did a lot of great promoting as far as the game,” said James about his new deal. “And me being one of the top guys in our league, to try to promote the game, I thought it would be fitting.”

Each year Kia gives a car to the MVP of the league in recognition of their excellent play on the court, meaning James has received four Kia cars of his choosing. Something James always appreciated, but to show his appreciation for the support he received during the season he always gave away the car to a deserving fan.

Although Kia was not actively seeking an endorsement from an NBA player, James’ camp approached the car maker this summer after he had the opportunity to drive around the brand’s new K900. He loved the car so much that it was something he wanted to put his name on.

“Rolling around in my K900. Love this car!” said James on his Instagram account this summer.

With James as the new face of their company it gives Kia the instant credibility that they’ve been looking for. Recently Kia released a new ad featuring James posing with his favorite car with the words, “K900, Fit For A King,” above the photo.

Considering the deal requires James to drive only the K900 it better be fit for a King. James however, is happy to leave his collection of over 20 cars in the garage for now because the K900 is that nice of a car.

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