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Knicks Hire Derek Fisher as New Head Coach

The New York Knicks have made another move in trying to keep Carmelo Anthony in the Big Apple by hiring Derek Fisher as the new coach. Rumors have surfaced that the deal is for 5 years / 25 million dollars.

Some of the NBA may be surprised by this move by the Knicks, but with the recent Phil Jackson hire, many saw them hiring a coach (or in this case a player who just retired) who was familiar with the triangle. Derek Fisher is no stranger to the triangle as he played under Phil Jackson during the Kobe/Shaq era in Los Angeles.

How will players respond to Fisher’s Hiring?

Derek Fisher is one of the most respect players and point guards in the league. He has played with some of the most talented players including Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Dirk Nowitzki and the list goes on. Fisher also holds the all-time NBA record in playoff games played and has hit countless buzzer beaters.

His experience on the floor and ability to lead talented players and teams to numerous championships with automatically build trust and respect with current Knick players.

Will Carmelo Anthony Remain a New York Knick?

With Derek Fisher as the Head Coach and Phil Jackson as the GM, many wonder if this is enough to keep Carmelo Anthony in New York? The quick answer is no as they must make some major changes to the roster in order to surround Carmelo with better talent and higher caliber role players. Also, he may have his concerns with a first year coach leading a struggling Knick team.

Many will quickly draw the comparison to Jason Kidd’s hiring with the Brooklyn Nets, but many forget the extensive mentoring Kidd had playing for the USA team. Time will tell if hiring Derek Fisher was the right move.

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