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NBA Players Shelvin Mack and Spencer Dinwiddie Feature New Sneaker Bag

NBA Players are constantly on the go and need good luggage and bags to get their shoes along with items around.

Recently Shelvin Mack and Spencer Dinwiddie have been spotted rocking the Sole Premise Sneaker Bag which has recently hit the market and appears to be a hit item.

After checking their Instagram profile, it appears is perfect for anyone looking to travel especially people who have trouble finding a place for their shoes in their luggage or who just want to travel with just bag (i.e. one carry on that holds their laptop, shoes, clothes, etc).

NBA Players have always loved their sneakers, but most recently we have seen more and more NBA Players get their own line with their respective apparel sponsor. Some players have taken things to the next step and collaborated with shoe customizers like Feel Good Threads to make exclusive 1 of 1 shoes.

As we scoured the internet we did find some bags that allowed you to carry shoes or sneakers, but NONE that protect the shoes like Sole Premise. NBA Players and sneaker fanatics spend thousands on shoes but fail to have a bag to properly carry these shoes. The Sole Premise Bag can carry up to 5 pairs of shoes which is unheard of! Go check them out at SolePremise.com, their bag appears to be the future of what to come for traveling with your shoes.



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