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Nets Win Home Opener Against the Miami Heat

The defending NBA Champions started out the season with a wake up call by the 76ers and last night they were reawakened by the Brooklyn Nets as they handed them their second loss. To the credit of the Brooklyn Nets they looked like a team that has had time to build up chemistry and is ready to contend for an NBA Championship.

Some of you may believe its to early in the season to be making predictions about potential NBA Champions or even East or West contenders, but the Brooklyn Nets look to be clicking on all cylinders.

As some analyst pointed out during the post game, The Miami Heat had a strong 4th quarter and made a valiant effort to get back in the game, but the previous 2 games they have struggled to come out with energy and find themselves down early.

While the Miami Heat are known for mounting insurmountable comebacks, they came close last night but did not quite have enough time to continue to inch away. The Miami Heat still have plenty of time to fine tune these weaknesses, but teams around the NBA will not wake for them to get their act together as teams will be bringing their A Game to try to defeat the Defending Champions.

We will continue to keep a close eye on the chemistry between Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Brooke Lopez, Jason Terry and surprising bench star Alan Anderson.

Watch Paul Pierce BLOCK the NBA MVP Lebron James:

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