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The 1996-1998 Chicago Bulls. Where Are They Now?

In light of the upward success of the Golden State Warriors, many fans and basketball viewers are left wondering if they will be able to meet or beat the Chicago Bulls’ single-season win record of 72-10. The Warriors are creeping up on those numbers and there is a good possibility they will get there, which has also started the discussion as to which team would win in a battle on the court- the current Golden State Warriors or the 1996-1998 Chicago Bulls team. We may never know, but it’s a great question to explore and leads us to wonder what those talented former Bulls are up to now. Here is a brief summary of what five of those big names are doing with their time these days.

Michael Jordan

Michael JordanAfter leaving basketball, then joining baseball, and then switching back to basketball for the final days of his career, basketball superstar Michael Jordan has been off the court for some time now. After living the dream as one of the best players to ever walk the Earth, Jordan stayed involved with the sport by purchasing a franchise after his retirement. The former Bull is known to be extremely competitive, so it must have been a rude awakening for his players to have to be on call for one-on-ones at any time. Even though Jordan isn’t the most successful team owner, he has been doing pretty well. Despite not being able to sell his multi-million dollar home in Chicago, Jordan is still living on a great amount of cash flow.

Scottie Pippen

Scottie-PippenScottie Pippen has been rumored to have had a terrible demise during his exit from basketball, however things really aren’t as bad as they seem for the star. For starters, he has a wife who did a fair amount of reality television that allowed them to build a nice little savings cash to maintain their lives in high society. In recent years.

Pippen had a couple of incidents in the public eye that didn’t do him any favors, like knocking out a fan in a Malibu restaurant, but that hasn’t really hurt his name in any huge way. People still associate him as one of the greats from that 1990s time period.

Dennis Rodman

dennis RodmanDennis Rodman has never been one to follow any stereotypes, and years after the peak of his career it seems that he is still living that sort of outlandish life. For starters, Rodman has a weird friendship with the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jung-un, and has visited him numerous times over there in Asia.

In addition to that, it was reported that in 2012 Rodman even flew out to the Philippines to meet his estranged and biological father for the first time ever. So, even though he isn’t playing basketball much anymore these days as a way to express some of his exotic behavior, it seems that Rodman has found other ways to channel that energy.

Randy Brown

Randy Brown was a reliable and well-utilized backup point guard during the years that the Chicago Bulls were on fire in the 1990’s, and by the time he retired he had played for four different teams over the course of 12 years. He also got some experience as an assistant coach to the Sacramento Kings, and in 2009 even became the director of player development for the Chicago Bulls. It seems that unlike some of his teammates, his true successes took place after the years on the court.

William Percy Wennington

One of the first things that basketball fans noticed about the today’s version of William Percy Wennington is that he has changed his look to go buffer and balder. He has been speaking to the media and making comments about the success of the Golden State Warriors as of late, and is creating a lot of chatter on whether or not they will break his Bulls’ 72 win record. It is unknown whether Wennington is rooting for the Warriors to break this streak or not, but it would be hard to believe that some part of him wants to keep things as they are.

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