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The Detroit Pistons Express Interest in Signing Jason Collins

The talk of the town for the longest time was the announcement of Jason Collins coming out and with a predominant amount of athletes and celebrities supporting his decision.

The latest headlines have the Detroit Pistons expressing interest in having Jason Collins join the team and back up Andre Drummond.

With this announcement of the Pistons expressing interest, will some of the true colors of homophobic athletes surface? While I hate to take the negative spin on this positive news, its important we recognize that everyone may not be ready to take the floor with an openly gay athlete.

We saw shortly after the announcement by Jason that Dolphins Mike Wallace came out and said:

Mike Wallace


While this does not reflect the feelings of every NBA player, many of us wonder if this announcement will surface players that feel much like Mike Wallace does.

The good news here is NBA executives have obviously not allowed this to slow them down from having them join their roster which shows tremendous growth in the game of Basketball and all of sports.

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